As those of you who have read Boozers, Ballcocks & Bail – my first book – will know, I am not a writer by training, 5 bottom-grade O-Levels and a budgerigar being the height of my school attainment!

But I do like telling stories, and I come across a lot of them in my work as a criminal lawyer at Wilford Smith in Rotherham.

Wilford Smith is the company I set up with my mate Steve Wilford (‘the stable one’!) after toiling as an office boy first class before progressing to the dizzy heights of legal executive, then taking night classes and eventually qualifying as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court.

My stories include the accidental theft of a boa constrictor – along with twenty thousand cigarettes and a Ford Transit – to the exotically named Fifi du Pont and other ladies of the night.  And there are some darker moments too.

But as always, I aim to fight the corner for the little man.

I hope you enjoy the books – and look forward to meeting you over the next few months.

Steve D. Smith

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