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1.  Boozers, Ballcocks and Bail – this is the original volume and was the first in the comedy series.  The first print was for worded by Adam Faith and was the book to prompt the Yorkshire Post to describe Steve Smith as the legal James Herriott.


2.  Plonkers, Plaintiffs and Pleas – this was the second book in the series and the original was for worded by the great comedian Charlie Williams.  This continues the adventures of all the characters from the first book.


3.  Junkie, Judges and Jail – this was the original volume for worded by the Yorkshire comedian and former Emmerdale star Bobby Knutt, and it charts the progress of Steve’s career following on from book 2.


4.  Muggers, Mobsters and Me,  this was the fourth in the series charting the progress of the career from the other volumes.This book prompted The Times to describe Steve Smith as the Rotherham Rumpole.  It is fore worded by the late great Jeremy Beadle who was a great fan of these books.



Boozers, Ballcocks and Bail, the spoken work 3 disc CD where Steve Smith reads from selected chapters of Boozers, Ballcocks and Bail.  It also has song Boozers, Ballcocks and Bail composed for Steve himself and has a selection devoted to hilarious outtakes which the producer kept and mischievously entered on a track itself which we hope listeners will consider to be very funny.



Hell is not for Angels, this is the book concerning the major miscarriage of justice which is the true story of John Megson, the Hells Angel who was wrongly convicted of murder.  It is a fascinating story showing how Megson was convicted and afterwards how he came to meet Steve Smith and after a very long fight he was able to prove his innocence of the charge of murder.  This story was the subject of two BBC Rough Justice films.


All the books are available from Neville Douglas Publishers, Clumber Lodgem, Hemingfield Road, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 0LY.  All cheques should be made payable to Neville Douglas Publishing for £10 to include post and packing.


The 3 pack CD is available at £11 including post and packing.


All books and CD’s will be individually signed by the author and if you have any specific dedication to be placed thereon he will be happy to do that for you.


Finally…………..Steve has just completed Fiddlers, Fakers and Fleas, which is the 5th in the comedy series and this is currently being edited and hopefully will be released in 2012.


This book will be fore worded by his great friend, Gervaise Phinn.